Thursday, June 22, 2017

The City Of Carson Issues an Official Press Release on Love My Neighbor Opening

 Honored to have The City Of Carson issuing an official press release about the unveiling of "El Rey Trabajador" painting and opening of the new Artward! Gallery dedicated to my Love My Neighbor public art project.

“The City of Carson is proud of our unique diversity. We are currently preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding with substantial forward-looking urban development. Alexey Steele’s Love My Neighbor public art program highlights the city’s civic pride and showcases Carson’s diversity as we pursue our City motto of ‘Future Unlimited,’” said Carson Mayor Albert Robles.

I am privileged to have The City of Carson as the principle sponsor of this remarkable project. It is so amazing to see when the system actually works as designed. Without the vision of Carson Cultural Arts Commission and the support by the City Council the major "El Rey Trabajador" painting would have never been done.  

It is exciting to embark in such unique government - corporate partnership on a journey of innovative experiment in how art can be created and made available to wide public in the contemporary US.

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