Love My Neighbor2Prevail Emergency Relief and Art Program

Your child is invited 
to create art and well-wishing notes 
to lift spirits of elder and neighbors in need 
We will attach the prints of artworks to 
the Emergency Relief Food Packages

We conduct this program 
in the "Scottsdale" neighborhood 
of the City of Carson, Ca 
in Culver City, Ca

Project Goal

  • Giving home-isolated children an opportunity to participate in the collective humanitarian effort by the community 
  • Providing emotional support to home isolated high-risk group – elderly and sick
  • Bringing inspiring positive messages of hope through art

  Enjoy the digital exhibition of artwork by children 
who participated in the program and whose artworks were featured

Jezus, Carson

Jeremy, Culver City
Anaires, "Scottsdale", Carson, 6 yo
Leo, Culver City, 7yo
Peter, Culver City, 7yo

"Scottsdale", Carson
Emmanuel, Culver City

Jade, Carson
Tatsu, Culver City, 7yo

Kevin, Culver City, 7yo

Christopher, Culver City

Matthew, Culver City

Cooper, Culver City

Mark, Culver City, 11yo

Culver City

Frida, Culver City, 5yo

Zooey and Melina, Culver City

Prints of artworks on emergency food relief packages

With Art We Persevere!

Instructions to Kids and Parents

  • What picture do you think can lift the spirit of another person who is lonely, who is worried, who is in need of help?
  • On any paper at home, sketch out with pencil your different ideas. The theme of our public art project is Love My Neighbor.  Your work should be about making another person feel better.
  • Decide which idea is better to lift someone’s spirit. Pick one you like the most.
  • Think of a short message, a good wish to write on the drawing.
  • Once you pick the idea for your work, get any drawing or watercolor paper available in the house. Thick drawing or watercolor paper are easier to work on, but if no such paper available, printer paper would do too. Sketch out a chosen idea on it.
  • Have the child sketch then paint or color pencil chosen idea.  If the child prefers to paint or color pencil without sketching out its great too. Main thing is that they are conscious about the intent and meaning of their work.
  • Sign just the first name and age on the front.  Let the work dry.
  • With sharp pencil write the full name of the child and your full name and address on the back of the artwork legibly but not too hard not to be seen from the front.
  • Once your artist considers the work done, take a picture of the work on your smart phone.  Best if you can set the artwork on something like book support next to the window during the daylight. Check that the light is reasonably even and no shadows are cast on the artwork.
  • Send the file in jpeg or phone photo with full name of artist and contact info  to:
Here is the project flier for the "Scottsdale" neighborhood of The City of Carson, Ca

 For more in-depth explanation of the project and process watch this video by
the project creator artist Alexey Steele