Board of Governors of the Scottsdale Townhouses Association, Inc Letter of Support

August 1, 2017

RE:       Support for City of Carson Artist Alexey Steele and His “Love My Neighbor” Campaign Sponsored and Supported by the City of Carson, CA at Scottsdale

To Whom it May Concern:

We have witnessed many people come and go, attempt to start something but never follow-through, or stay long enough to make a lasting difference in our community.  In the end, we have always been let down and have had to rely on dealing with our difficulties all by ourselves without much support or appreciation.  For decades, this side of town and Scottsdale, in particular, have been underserved and have not benefited by the financial attention other parts of town have received.  We are constantly being treated as a problem and liability and not as an asset.

Alexey's “Love My Neighbor Project” is helping to change this.  We have many problems in Scottsdale.  However, Scottsdale’s good people shine brighter because of these difficulties and Alexey’s work has allowed everyone to see it.  It has not solved our problems, but has provided visible recognition and appreciation that helps us on our determined path of changing things positively at Scottsdale.  Alexey and this project has strengthened our faith in the path we are taking in Scottsdale and that we will succeed.

The project also contributes to helping change attitudes of people outside of Scottsdale about our community.  His artwork celebrates the true treasures of our people and it can be seen in his soulful and powerful depiction of our beloved gardener of 31 years and a former resident of 18 years, Cirilo Campos.  It is an important contribution to our community 's self-awareness at the most critical moment when we finally sense that we can turn the corner to better Scottsdale.

Scottsdale is not an easy place and people here are rightfully skeptical of many things that come from outside.  The live painting and drawing sessions by Alexey and the challenging work that creating this art requires, has opened a new world for us, that many people never thought possible in Scottsdale.  His portrayal of familiar people has engaged the people of our community in a way they never have been in 51 years, and this is of tremendous importance for our vision of the future.

Alexey’s work has given us pride in our community and in the good people around us in Scottsdale.  It proves that what we work so hard for in Scottsdale is truly worthy of our collective pride and contributing to rebuilding it.  What Alexey is doing here works and we hope that this time it won't just come and go, but will continue.  We are grateful to the City Council for helping fund this project and to everyone who supports it. We need this project to continue and hope that together we make Scottsdale an example of how people can overcome anything even when many don't believe it’s possible.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Board of Governors of the
Scottsdale Townhouses Association, Inc

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