Saturday, January 13, 2018

Love My Neighbor Curriculum Event on December 29, 2017

Thank you to my great friends at Savoir Fair for their generous support of our non-profit Artward! Gallery in Carson's most difficult "Scottsdale" neighborhood with their gorgeous art supplies!

We had the most awesome event for the Love My Neighbor Curriculum program with the kids of Carson's Mission Ebenezer church of Pastor Isaac Canales as well as a group of "Scottsdale's" own kids. 
Pastor Isaac and his son, Pastor Josh do an amazing work and a uniquely effective outreach in Carson community, including "Scottsdale," and are friends of 10 years. Was very special to share what we do and to collaborate with this true local pillars. 

We had a tour of a gallery, learning to recognize and acknowledge the great neighbors around us and then the kids painted their own beloved neighbors in the adjacent Artward! Kids Studio that we set up. 

They got so into it and did beautiful and meaningful works becoming Love My Neighbor Ambassadors to their own neighborhoods.

It was remarkable to see the kids asking for and being excited to take pictures with Cirilo, my great model for "El Rey Trabajador" and "Scottsdale" gardener of 30 years. 

The celebrated heroes are the ones we choose to celebrate!

Its truly amazing to see the real impact art can have on a given community.

In all my long life in ART I've never been happier or feeling more accomplished than seeing that what I do is helping the effort of real people to turn their community around.

Happy New 2018, everyone! Lets make it a year of ART that truly matter!!