Artward! Gang Out

Artward! Gang Out is an art education program that is being developed in collaboration with Sheriff’s Department Gang Diversion Team (GDT). The program is aimed at youth at-risk ranging in ages from 10 years old to 17 years old that are identified and organized by the GDT. 

The goal of Gang Out program is to identify the particularly art gifted youth at-risk through continuous engagement and inspiration of seeing the process of actual works of art created. Once gifted and interested youth identified they will be provided with opportunity and the safe environment to study art under Alexey Steele’s supervision at the specially set up children art studio in Scottsdale.

It was so awesome to inaugurate the Artward! Gang Out program on August 9 with the introductory visit of the GDT. It's amazing to think that these kids are being catched by the GDT on their free fall to jail. It would be even more amazing to see how Art can help in this work.  That’s what Art can and shall do. 


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