Sunday, January 1, 2017

Share The Story of YOUR Special and Inspiring Neighbor

Look around!

No matter what neighborhood you are in, you will find the same kind of unique human beacon that Love My Neighbor project is all about. The neighbor that you and your other neighbors just cannot help, but love. You might think about a person just like that right away or you might have to take another look in your neighborhood. Sometimes those special people are very unassuming and even often overlooked as they faithfully do something good day after day. You can become a Love My Neighbor Ambassador by thanking and honoring that person.

Please, share a story of your especially great neighbor. What does she or he do? What makes her or him so unique and special? What does she or he do to make the lives of others better?

Make a drawing or painting of this very special person or of something associated with that person and include in your story.

You can also include a photo of that person together with you.

We’ll pick the stories we like the most and post them.

Just look around and become Love My Neighbor Ambassador in your own neighborhood!


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