Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Cirillo. Rey Trabajador" Study For Painting

Cirillo, is a 75 year old gardener of a notorious "Scottsdale" neighborhood in Carson.  He came from the Guadalajara region in Mexico in 1965 and called "Scottsdale" home for 19 year.

 He works there non-stop for 30 years and would not quit (though he can retire relatively comfortably anytime). At his age he is still the hardest working, fastest walking and heaviest lifting on a whole crew. He would not sit or even slow down till the very minute he can punch his card for a lunch break. Working right is his way of life. 

The neighborhood is tough, the Bloods and Carson 13 turf where sheriffs prefer not to go without extreme need. 25% of residents there are below poverty. "Scottsdale" is a 30 year LA urban disintegration problem that generations of politicians couldn't solve. 

Yet there are people who live and work there that did not give up. Cirillo is one of them. In that place of not many sentiments there is no-one who would not love and respect him because its simply impossible.

At the rock-botom of our society, like "Scottsdale" people like Cirillo are the bedrock of a community. From this bedrock we can build up. In "Scottsdale" and everywhere. Cirillo is an ultimate symbol of a true "public servant" and a Worker King - "Rey Trabajador"