Lantern In The Night

Artward! Gallery is founded by the artist Alexey Steele and operated by Artward Initiative 501c3 non-profit. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing his Love My Neighbor public art project in the City of Carson and organized in the open to the public Scottsdale Townhouses HOA building. Its near-horizon objective is through repeated art live-sessions by Alexey Steele, ongoing showcase of the works of My Neighbors Series and periodic special art events to engage and bring meaningful community-building impact to a “Scottsdale” neighborhood of Carson, serve as a model of how art can be used as effective tool of social action in the similarly difficult urban scenarios across the US.

In the place as important and with such a difficult history as Scottsdale, Carson, the space were the gallery is placed is truly magnificent. 

There is something very special about its soaring ceilings with incredible woodwork that reminds the hull of a ship with its keel turned upward and the huge windows. The installation of dimmable lights brought out the remarkable architectural potential of the layout. 

Scottsdale has practically no street lights, only clusters of security lights in the alleys, and as we leave the lights in the gallery on it glows through the night as tangible and visible confirmation that change is not only possible, but inevitable in Scottsdale and all other places like it.

 Determination that is brought by Hope is achieved one heart at a time.


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