Thursday, April 16, 2020

We Expanded Love My Neighbor2Prevail Emergency Social Action Program to Culver City

We have launched a Love My Neighbor 2 Prevail emergency social action program in Culver City as part of my Artist Laureate tenure.  In this program we ask children staying at home to create special artwork to uplift spirits of Culver City elders and at risk group.  Children from different groups have started participating in this program including our own “World Famous” Cub Scout Pack 79 and the kids did some visually awesome works with supportive messages.  It is also a remarkable example and testimony to my long-held belief in art being not a luxury item or decoration, but a vital part of society more crucial than ever at the times of crisis.  Driven by empathy and love to their neighbor in need kids often come up with images of remarkable visual power. 

With our program while staying safe at home children are able to do something important, to participate in their community and they do it through a process of true art-making.
We print out children’s artworks and attach them as uplifting keepsake items to a food distribution packages.  We are doing this in a great collaboration with Culver City Recreation & Community Services Neighbors Caring for Neighbors Emergency Relief Food Drive and distribution program at the Senior’s Center and we hugely appreciate and give a shout out to all the staff members, volunteers and community donors who tirelessly work on a front line in this difficult times.  This week the remarkable artwork by Jeremy from Cub Scout Pack 79 was shared with Culver City neighbors in need.

Even while staying safe at home we still can do something meaningful in support of our neighbors in need.  Even in the safe isolation, we are still a community.  If anything - more than ever.

With Art We Persevere! By loving our neighbor - we will prevail! 

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