Monday, March 30, 2020

In Isolation - We Are Still A Community!

Thanks to the donations from FoodCycle LA and Trader Joe’s we were able to rapidly bring much needed food to one of the most difficult and notorious neighborhoods of LA county, the “Scottsdale” neighborhood of Carson, the site of our Love My Neighbor public art project.

The food situation was difficult for older people and limited ability folks over there even before the crisis.  There is no food store in walking distance. Now we were able to fill the gap when needed most and quickly  bring much needed food for the quarantined elderly folks of this long underserved community.

We are bringing food in at night and community activists and security takes them to houses in the morning. We also bring children’s art generated from our program with support messages from kids to lift the spirits of our older neighbors. 

Even in home isolation we are still a community!  By loving our neighbor we will prevail!

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