Thursday, September 12, 2019

Public Unveiling of “The Chief” at the Foisia Park Renaming Ceremony
"James Foisia. "The Chief". Love My Neighbor Project"  sepia on paper 32" x 22"
It was truly an amazing celebration of all that’s good and right about our community in Carson with renaming of its popular park after beloved community leader James Foisia. 

I did his portrait which I called “The Chief” as part of my ongoing Love My Neighbor public art project.
The unveiling was part of the ceremony.
First of all the issue of re-naming.  Former Scott Park was named after army general Winfield Scott. No, he did not set foot in Carson, most likely didn’t even know of its existence in his native Virginia.  He was a very capable military commander who was tasked with implementing horrifying US Congress Indian Removal Act of 1830. He led ground troops against Seminole People, The Sauk People and presided over one of the most tragic chapters in The Trail of Tears - the horrific Cherokee Nation forced removal of 1838.  Does not seep plosable, but this is after whom the public park in Carson, Californis was named after for many decades.

That is why it was particularly meaningful to me that James Foisia, a local legend, was a true modern day chief. He was the chief and not only because he carried the noble spirit of his ancestors. He was the true chief in his local leadership, in his forceful service to his community and in his lasting inspiration to kids of all fenomenally diverse Carson. It was a great decision long championed by the community on the ground and wisely supported by the City Council. It was truly a community celebration with full chiefly honors.  It was also the perfect local subject matter and inspiration for my ongoing series of depicting my special neighbors and portraying divercity with Love My Neighbor public art project.
From the Trail Of Tears US general out of East Coast to a Samoan tribal chief and local hero - you’ve done right, the City of Carson! It is a great honor to be part of it!! 

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