Monday, December 3, 2018

LOVE MY NEIGHBOR Goes International!

Love My Neighbor has officially marked its place in the international cultural map as it took part in the Artists for the World 2018 Omai Goodness Tour 7th International Convention “Puerto Rico” – a high profile international art conference in support of Puerto Rico recovery effort that was held in November 5-12, 2018.


Alexey Steele was invited along with representative of the City of Carson Idris Al-Oboudi to participate in The World 2018 Omai Goodness Tour 7th International Convention "Puerto Rico" as part of the group of international artists and activists representing 27 countries. Alexey and Idris shared their Carson experience and knowledge on using art as social action and as a tool of community turn around with the “Love My Neighbor” public art project. 


Alexey Steele’s Carson public art project theme and tittle “Love My Neighbor” was selected as the theme and title of the joint mural that was completed by a group of leading international mural painters participating in the conference to show solidarity by the international art community with the heroic effort of Puerto Rico people overcoming the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  The joint “Love My Neighbor” mural was completed and presented during the conference in the hard hit by the disaster rural Cayey province of Puerto Rico. Alexey Steele had designed the central section of the mural and directed its execution.


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